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Social Media Marketing Courses in Calicut

SMM training in Calicut

What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing, sometimes referred to as digital marketing or e-marketing, is the process of using social media platforms where people create social networks and exchange information to enhance a business's online visibility, boost sales, and improve website traffic . Learn SMM from Digital marketing course & institute in Calicut

1.Social media and social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram, and X platform (previously Twitter), are used in social media marketing to advertise goods and services, interact with current clients, and attract new ones.
2.Social media's unmatched potential in three key marketing domains connection, interaction, and customer data is the source of social media marketing's power.
3.Social media marketing has revolutionized how companies may impact customer behavior, from promoting content that encourages interaction to gathering personal information that helps messaging connect with consumers.
4.The ubiquity of social media in today's world makes social media marketing strategies crucial for companies.
5.Social media marketing is frequently more affordable and has greater visibility; yet, it needs constant upkeep and may result in unanticipated bad responses.

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