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360 Digi Academy

A Place Where Your Ideas get wings!

Welcome to the premier destination for digital marketing education in Calicut. We are the unrivaled leaders in providing top-notch training in the ever-evolving realm of digital marketing. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve deep into what sets us apart as the best digital marketing academy in Calicut, offering you invaluable insights into our courses, methodologies, and why choosing us is your key to success in the digital marketing landscape.

Digital Marketing course in Calicut
360 Digi Academy
3 months digital marketing course in Calicut

Comprehensive curriculum

Our courses in Creative Designing and Digital Marketing are designed to cover all the essential topics and skills necessary for a successful career in these fields.

Digital marketing training in Calicut

Hands-on training

We believe in practical, project-based learning, which means that our students get plenty of opportunities to apply what they learn in real-world scenarios

Internship opportunities Comprehensive curriculum

Internship opportunities

We provide our students with opportunities to gain practical experience through internships with some of the leading companies in the industry.

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Digital marketing institute in Calicut

Discover the Future of Creative Design and Digital Marketing.

360 Digi Academy is an education provider that offers courses in Creative Designing and Digital Marketing. As an agency based in, Calicut, Kerala, we operate under the leading advertising agency, ZainCo. Our experienced teachers, who are also designers and developers, provide a unique learning experience both online and offline. We started our journey in 2019 and have been committed to providing quality education ever since.

360 Digi Academy

360 digi Courses

360 Digi Academy
Graphic Designing

Creative Design & Corporate Advertising

Digital Marketing

Advanced Certification In Digital Marketing

Vidoe Editing

Advanced Certification In Video Production


Certification in Office Management

What is Agency Based Academy?


Agency Based Academy

An agency-based academy works by integrating education and training within an existing advertising or marketing agency. This type of academy offers courses in fields such as digital marketing, creative design.


Not Teachers- experienced Designers & Developers

Instead of teachers, there are designers and developers with experience in the field of advertising. Classes are available as an internship


Networking opportunities & potential job placements

Students learn from instructors who are also actively working on projects for clients, allowing them to gain insight into the industry and see how practice intersect.


Course Completion with Expirience

we believe that practical knowledge and experience are essential for building a successful career in the fields of creative designing and digital marketing.That's why our courses are designed to offer both knowledge.

Events & Program

We’re Arranged Yearly Cultural Events & Program

Event 25 march 2021

Digital marketing conferences

360 Digi Academy
Event 23 May 2022

Web design competitions

360 Digi Academy
Event 11 April 2022

Design exhibitions

360 Digi Academy
Event 23 July 2022

Brand Designs the Future

360 Digi Academy
Event 10 Feb 2022

Mastering Illustrator And Photoshop

360 Digi Academy
Event 10 March 2023

Paper to Pexel: Introduction of Digital Drawing

360 Digi Academy
360 Shape Shape

Testimonials from Our Satisfied Students!

Testimonials from our students and teachers about their experiences with 360 Digi Academy.

We Have 1000+ Student around the world

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shahmil 999

Student, 360 Digi Academy

A good institute for doing a job oriented course in digital marketing which can increase the technical and software skills required for gaining a career in the same field. They provide the best digital Marketing Training in Calicut. They also provide live projects for the students which are beneficial for their careers.


Fayis OT

Student, 360 Digi Academy

360 Digi Academy is one of the best places to learn digital marketing in Calicut. I recommend their Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing 3 months course plus internship certification program. They provide a mix of both theory and practical experience. The syllabus was brilliantly designed from the basic level to the advanced level. all the best to all Digital Marketing aspires.


Anisha Murali

Student, 360 Digi Academy

The best creative academy in Calicut. The trainers are very friendly. They fill our hearts with creativity... It's amazing. I'm not an artist. But they encouraged me and inspired me and now made me a graphic designer. Thank god, and thank to my teachers in 360° Digi Academy.


Siraj bin Mustafa

Ex Student, 360 Digi Academy

would like to share my experience with Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing Course that I pursued at 360 Digi Academy Calicut. I really suggest to each and everyone, if you are a beginner to Digital Marketing Course I would definitely recommend this institute if you want to start your career in Digital Marketing...

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